20 Day English – Day 4: Prepositions in v on v at English grammar quiz

Day Four of the 20 day English challenge! Today we have a quiz for you to test your knowledge of English grammar.

If you are just joining us now there are the previous 3 day’s tests to complete to boost your English knowledge

Day 1: Spelling quiz

Day 2: Email sentences test

Day 3: Unusual Vocabulary

In vs On vs At – Prepositions

When English speakers talk about a time or a place, they will use these little words (prepositions) in / on / at which describe the relationship between 2 things.

They are small grammar words that English learners VERY often use incorrectly.

I often say to my students that when you don’t know if in/on/at is correct, choose the option that you think is most wrong – that is the one that is probably correct! Try it! 🙂

Good luck with today’s short English grammar test.

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