20 Day English Challenge: 2 – Perfect Email sentences

New year = new you. We are doing 5 minutes of quick English improvement every day to start 2017 off just right.
How did you do with yesterday’s English spelling challenge? Did you get every question correct?

Today, we look at perfecting Email sentences with a 10-question quick quiz. Most of the sentences are from a business context: some are formal and others are less formal, but all the correct versions are 100% useful.

You should remember them for future use, so that you can bang out a killer email in a few moments and the person reading the email will be super impressed with your native-speaker like English skills!

With each question, there is only one correct sentence.

The incorrect sentences might be wrong because of grammar or vocabulary – it’s up to you to decide.

Good luck with the Email quiz!

20 Day English Challenge Quizzes

​Day One: Spelling difficult words CLICK HERE

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