12 new websites – SGI in your language!

Finally we have done it! It has taken a long time but now we have 12 SGI websites in 12 different languages. We see this as a great new development, enabling people to read full information about our courses in their first language as well as book a course in their mother tongue as well. Have a look and see what you think!

Français (http://fr.stgeorges.com) Español (http://es.stgeorges.com)
Italiano (http://it.stgeorges.com) Português (http://pt.stgeorges.com)
Deutsch (http://de.stgeorges.com) Polski (http://pl.stgeorges.com)
Русский (http://ru.stgeorges.com) Türkçe (http://tr.stgeorges.com)
中文 (http://zh.stgeorges.com) 日本語 (http://ja.stgeorges.com)
한국어 (http://ko.stgeorges.com) العربية (http://ar.stgeorges.com)

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