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Student Accommodation London

Making your stay in London a comfortable one

SGI - St George's International recognises that it is important that your accommodation is comfortable when you are away from home, which is why we offer a great range of different student accommodation options.

From homestays to hotels, student residences and executive apartments, there is something for everyone.

Student Residences London

Student Residences London

For a more independent stay, we organise student residence accommodation through partner agencies or directly with the residence. A good range of all-year and summer only residences available, all within easy reach of the school.

Depending on the residence, you may choose either a single room or, i


Homestay London

Homestay London
We have paid special attention to our homestay service, so families and homes that we have inspected and selected, guarantee students a comfortable and welcoming stay while they are in London.

Executive Apartments

Executive Apartments

For those students seeking a high level of comfort and privacy, SGI can arrange stays at apartments in Central London. 

These short-term apartments are ideal for those students who would expect an executive level of comfort and style during their stay in London.


London Hotels For Students

London Hotels For Students

For those students seeking an executive level of accommodation, SGI can arrange stays at hotels in Central London.

We have carefully selected a few reasonably priced 3 and 4 star hotels that are within easy travel distance to the school, all in Central London.


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