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Present Perfect sentences - by an Alien!

A few present perfect sentences - just for fun!
If an alien can learn English grammar, so can you! :)




Present Perfect Formula

Have / Has + Past Participle


Present Perfect Sentences

1. I have heard that there are intelligent life beings here on Earth.

In this sentence the main verb is 'to hear' - an IRREGULAR verb
The past Participle of 'to hear' (or maybe you like to call it 'Verb 3') is 'heard' (hear / heard / heard)

2. My leader has sent me...

The main verb here is 'to send' - an IRREGULAR verb
Past Participle ('Verb 3') of 'to send' is 'sent' (send / sent / sent)

3. I have decided to look for a different planet...

Main verb here is 'to decide' - a REGULAR verb
Past Participle ('Verb 3') of 'to decide' is 'decided' (decide / decided / decided)
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