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Physical Appearance Adjectives – The Bald and the Beautiful

Everyone knows about the royal wedding this Friday and I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing about it already. However, the main topic of conversation in England is not about the wedding itself, but about the couple – the well-dressed Prince William and the elegant Kate Middleton.

What exactly?

People in general can be cruel but the one thing I’ve noticed about girls is that they are always ready to comment on the appearance of husbands–to-be. It’s even more so with the Prince. In return, guys do much the same thing about future wives, but I’m sure it is just in response to women. The questions? “Do you think he’s good-looking?” or “Is she pretty?”!

Are they?

Women always tell me that when Prince William was young he had everything a woman wanted in a man; handsome, tall and slim, with wavy blond hair. Oh, and rich. Now they tell me he’s still tall, rich and slim... but balding. And not handsome anymore! As for men, Kate may not be curvy but she’s still a beautiful brunette, with cute dimples and a pearly-white smile. However, whether it is the stress of her wedding day or the pressures to conform to society, she has become a bit too skinny.

Appearance opinions

I guess it is only natural to judge people on their looks, particularly if they are famous – being overweight or slightly chubby will always be noticed by newspapers. If you look back at photos of the Prince when he was young, he doesn’t look that much different to now, except for his hair of course. Some people are even saying that Kate just wants to be a princess! Would anyone even make that comment if he had hair?? It just goes to show that some women do think that being bald somehow makes you ugly. This is not always true though, as some celebrities who are bald are voted the sexiest men alive, such as the muscled Bruce Willis and the bearded Sean Connery. We even have some sexy bald men in our school (from what our female students tell me anyway)!

It doesn’t matter

So even though it’s a case of hair today, gone tomorrow for Prince William, he still has money, power, and a soon-to-be beautiful wife. Most importantly, he is the hair - I mean, heir - to the throne! So do appearances really matter? In this situation, definitely not.

Adjectives to describe physical appearance:

wearing smart, good-quality clothes
graceful in style and habits
attractive appearance, usually for men
attractive appearance, only for women
attractive appearance, only for men
not fat; positive description
Wavy (hair)
to describe hair shaped like a wave in the sea
Balding / to go bald
to be losing hair on the head
to have lost all / most hair on the head
women not being overly fat; positive description
having brown hair, usually to describe women
small, natural holes in cheeks, usually when smiling
Pearly-white (teeth)
extremely white teeth
negative description of being too thin
being a little fat
being a little fat, usually for children
not beautiful
describing the body as having lots of muscles
having a lot of hair on the face
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Can I claim to be the bald but sexy SGI man mentioned above??!!
Not all bald men are built like Vin Diesel or have the star charisma of Bruce Willis. These men are mega stars, and the characters they portray add a lot to their charm. Nearly all the bald actors play action heroes, but when an average fat or skinny guy gets bald, they don't always have the other characteristics associated with these bald men. Most guys live in a society where sudden physical changes are always commented upon everyday. No one would humiliate bald Bruce Willis when the film executives see him, and he is rich enough not to care. He doesn't live within society - he chooses who he sees and is privileged enough not o deal with the daily stares and snide comments, which people make at work, at a pub/bar, or when you are on a bus full with crowded teenagers. Life is very different for non-famous people. You start losing your hair and everyone you knew sees a new version of you every other week until it's all gone. It's such a dramatic change, and you know the hair will never come back. It's sad and I don't know why people always give the same few examples of bald people: Sean Connery (ex-James Bond), Bruce Willis (acquired fame when he still had hair), Vin Diesel (but how many people will cast him as a shy lover?), Patrick Stewart (unconventional - became a sex symbol when he was quite old, and unless you have his voice, vocabulary and accent, it's little consolation to know he is bald), Jason Statham (who is only cast as an action hero - how many regular guys raised on junk food, or with skinny bodies look like him?).
Prince William is bald? Who cares. It's only the media that keeps mentioning it. Also, I do't think he looked particularly handsome before he lost his hair anyway. He is as ugly as ever, and it's hardly an issue if you are that rich. When this guy wakes up in the morning (that's if he ever goes to bed), he could do anything he wants. Hair would be the least of his concerns. I think he should just let it all fall out. It's what his genetics are saying, so no shame in that. I don't think women have been as critical of him as men, and I find that really stupid because a lot of men lose their hair. In fact, on a typical day, if you go out, there are very few guys on the streets with a full head of hair. I see plenty of young guys who are bald these days, and I don't think people care that much anymore.
prince william can afford hair regrowth treatment. only thing is, such procedures r painful and dont work
bald looks more ugly lol

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