English Quiz: Towns around the UK

English Quiz: Towns around the UKHere’s an English quiz to test your understanding of some of blogposts (old and new) about UK cities, towns and villages.

In this new type of English lesson there are
- articles to read
- a quiz for each piece of content to test your understanding,
- a podcast to listen to
- immediate results for each question you are asked… just like in our English tests.

So, you will have the opportunity to practise your listening skills, reading skills and Use of English vocabulary knowledge – all for free!

Click on STEP 1: Lesson Objectives and then you will be given instructions to work through this cool lesson.


Please leave us a comment to say what you like (or what you don’t like) about this new kind of lesson. We make the blog for you, so we’d like to get it right.


English Quiz: Towns around the UK

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4 Comments for “English Quiz: Towns around the UK”

  1. The new look of the blog is very interesting and i really like it! I completed the 10 steps but i couldn’t see my scores… I’m wondering about how many corrects scores i got… :) )

    Go on in this way Phil and keep posting entertaning articles about the Enligsh culture, traditions and lifestyle!

    Studying English with SGI is so great fun.. :)

    • Magdalena,
      Thanks very much for writing your opinion. I’m sure that Phil will write something when he sees this.

      Just to help regarding your scores issue:-
      When you have done the questions on a Quiz page, there is a button for you to click in the bottom right-hand corner – it says SUBMIT TEST.
      Click on that BEFORE you click on NEXT at the top of the page.
      If you do that, you will see your Quiz test results. OK?

  2. Thanks Magdalena.

    Just click on SUBMIT TEST. It is at the bottom on the right. It will then tell you your score and if you got anything wrong.

  3. Hi Phil,

    You did a very good work on this new lesson. It is also a very interesting way to up-cycling previous posts that are still relevant.

    Thank you Phil and Ben for all the hard work put in this blog.

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