British English v American English accent – which is easier to understand?

British English v American English accent

In a British English v American English accent fight, which would win? Which accent is easier for English students to understand? British and American videos to help you decide and vote.

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English Pronunciation exercises – Speak English quickly

English pronunciation speak English quickly practice exercises

Copy the native English speakers in these videos with subtitles to speak English quickly. Copy 1 sentence until your English pronunciation is quicker & clearer.

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English Pronunciation and intonation – Sentence stress

English pronunciation Sentence Stress

Video of British native-speaker English teacher giving example sentences of English pronunciation. Use intonation to improve sentence stress & be clearly understood.

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How to say numbers: Apple share price drop

How to say numbers

Hear how to say numbers with a free mp3 of the text being read aloud by a British native speaker.

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A meaning of a word ruined by mispronunciation

The meaning of a word_mispronunciation

A meaning of a word can be completely changed by wrong pronunciation and that’s why a lot of English humour is based on mispronunciation. If you pronounce a word incorrectly it can change the meaning into something which is incredibly funny or just the way you say it may be quite amusing.     There [...]

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English Pronunciation: Be understood

English pronunciation_be understood

Practise your English pronunciation for free by copying the sentences & recording your voice here. An SGI English teacher will reply & give you advice to help you improve your English accent.

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Accent reduction: Native Speaker speech pattern copying

Accent Reduction training

Practice sentences for accent reduction training. Copy speech rhythms of a native speaker, RP accent to sound more natural & less like an English student.

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R&R 22: English Accent – Missing England

English accent_Missing England

Listen to a native speaker’s received pronunciation accent in natural conversation & then in the next blog do some exercises to soften your English accent.

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Accent training: ‘th’ sound exercises

Accent training. Accent softening exercises

Soften your English accent by practising pronunciation of problematic sounds. Accent Training exercises on ‘Th’ sound with free mp3 of native speaker

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Weather Forecast Vocabulary: Prince Charles the weatherman


It sounds like just the same, normal weather forecast vocabulary that you would expect to hear at the end of every news programme. But this time, it’s a bit special. HRH Prince Charles tried his hand at ‘doing the weather’ today on BBC Scotland television news, which must have been surprising for viewers tuning in [...]

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