Beginner's English test online: Imperative grammar

Beginner's English test online

Be happy!   Learn English for free with SGI's blog!  

Let's do a grammar test!  

All of the 3 sentences above are examples of Imperatives (when you tell someone what to do or make a suggestion). They have the full verb without 'to'.  


Be Happy - NOT To be happy

Learn English with SGI - NOTTo learn English with SGI.

Let's do a test - NOT : Let's to do a test

If you need more help with this, our blogpost from yesterday explains more about Imperative grammar

  Negative Imperative    

Remember that for NEGATIVES, we use DON'T, DO NOT or NEVER             

So, now here is your Beginner's English test online with immediate answers! Good luck! If you do not understand a question, tell me in the Comments Section below. I will explain the answer for you.    

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could you please send me my result

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