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Online Group & Individual English Courses

Online Group & Individual English Courses

SGI is a Quality English school, with expert teachers who can help you achieve your ambitions. We are now offering Online Group Courses every day for students of all levels. These courses are delivered in very small groups with your teacher online and follow our programmes designed to help you communicate effectively using today's English. For almost sixty years SGI has taught English in London to ambitious people from all over the world, and now these courses are available online.

Once your online English course is completed you will receive the St George International English certificate, which clearly states your finishing English language level, along with detailed descriptions of your English skills and ability.

Wherever you are in the world you can now study from the comfort of your home, office, or on the move with SGI. Have a look below at our Online Individual and  Group courses.

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The Basic General English course is designed to enhance your language skills. Well-structured course program, complemented with relevant study materials will help you achieve the...

Former students can continue their studies with online lessons. These are also a great way for new students to benefit from Individual English tuition with our experienced...

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