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Summer Social Programme 2013

Fantastic socials for you all to do after your lessons

"This summer will be packed with lots of different activities for all of the students."

Well aren’t you all in for a treat this summer. We have some fantastic socials for you all to do after your lessons. As summer is our busiest time it means we have a lot more socials for you.

Firstly lets start with Owen, our fantastic teacher who also happens to be the best tour guide London has to offer!  He is a qualified tour guide and will take you on the most enjoyable walk with his gorgeous dog Jess. Every week we have a walk, here are a few examples of his great walks;

  • Greenwich
  • Soho
  • Under the Bridges
  • The City.
  • Jack the Ripper

This summer there is a brand new walk in Camden!  As well as walks, Owen organizes weekly trips to the theatre. Here are some examples;

  • The Lion King
  • A Midsummer Nights Dream
  • Mamma Mia
  • Les Miserables
  • A Chorus Line
  • The Phantom of the Opera
  • and many many more!!

We also have our weekly socials which include a welcome drink in the Pub every Monday, which is a great way to meet new students and make new friends on the first day, and a club night every Friday.

This summer is packed with some great new events to attend. We have trips to the markets for a spot of shopping, afternoon tea – to dine like the queen, and for you sporty type – football, ping pong and bowling. 

For you more cultural type I’ve organized trips to the Museums and Art galleries which are mostly free, yes free! As well as boat trips along the Thames to see all the Landmarks.

SGI have also put together some evening socials which include going out for dinner to some amazing restaurants. One great thing about living in London is the diversity of restaurants – you can eat any cuisine you like!  Also, Salsa night seems to be a favourite.

On top of all these socials you have the opportunity to visit Brighton, Cambridge, Oxford, Stonehenge & Bath for the day at the weekend.

The weather here in London is absolutely fantastic at the moment which is a great reason to join the social programme to meet new people and also to improve your english communication skills!

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