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Specialist English Courses in London for Danish and Austrian Groups

Specialist English Courses in London for Danish and Austrian Groups

Teenage groups from Europe studying bespoke English courses at SGI

""Great attitude with fun and engaging students""

SGI recently hosted a small group of 12 Danish students from Vanløse, a district from the west of Copenhagen.

The students were comprised of mainly teenagers (17 to 20 year-olds) and they already had a very high level of English language knowledge, with most people in the group having C1 (CEFR level) language level.

In accordance with the Danish group's wishes, the main focus of their short course was on British contemporary culture. 

As with all the 'closed groups' that come to SGI London, a syllabus is drawn up beforehand in negotiations with the group representative and Lynette, who makes a thorough needs analysis to ensure that the visiting group study exactly what they desire and the lessons are pitched at the right language level.

With this Danish group, there were lessons on the potential consequences of Brexit, classes on British humour and a look at British ancient and recent history.

SGI Director of Studies, Lynette Cooper, said that the students had "a great attitude for learning and were fun and engaging in the lessons. Their teachers reported that they were a pleasure to teach".

As with all our specialist group courses, there was also special closed social programme events. On different afternoons, the Danish students had a Westminster guided tour, an interesting trip to The British Museum (a short walk from the school) and lunch with their teachers on their final day.

Group courses in London to learn English

A much larger group of Austrian 16 to 17-year-olds also studied with SGI in the weeks before the Danish group.

The Austrian group had 2 weeks of English lessons  The large group (38 people) was split into three classes of students from the same school in a town near Vienna.

Their course was based around elements of British life and culture (e.g. history and politics, food, music, education, and character) with some language input as well, such as British slang, which is always popular with students because of its comical nature and also the excitement at learning 'insider knowledge'. 

As with all specialist groups at SGI, the students went 'out and about' in London for a jam-packed social programme with their teachers. There were afternoon trips to: a Soho treasure hunt, Piccadilly Circus, Harrow School, the Southbank area, a weekend day trip to Oxford, Spitalfields market and East London, the South Kensington area, a visit to The Shard (Europe's tallest building), the Houses of Parliament, Cinema and The London Dungeon... a huge snapshot of London life in a fortnight!

This was the second group from the same Austrian school, following on from a group which studied in June, so obviously, the SGI course is providing what the school desires and they are very happy with the SGI experience as you can see in their photos here. :)

The students themselves were of a high level. Although their own teachers only rated them as B2, the head SGI teacher reported that the majority of his class were C1 level, which is a great reflection of the language teaching in the Austrian education system.

More great photos of the Austrian & Danish Groups can be found on SGI’s Flickr page.

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