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SGI Pub Quiz 2018

SGI Pub Quiz 2018

Pre – Summer Party

"Although studying English is the main reason students have come to England, but SGI firmly believe that it is important for our student to relax and enjoy London life as well."

Last night we had the SGI Annual Pub Quiz 2018, organised by the Student Support team, lead by teacher Mike, the Quiz Master. As Master of Ceremonies (abbreviated to M.C), Mike teamed up with teachers Paul and Dan, to give our students an opportunity not only to learn and practise their English in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, but also to have a taste of the British culture, while living and studying in London.

This year's pub quiz was held at The Smugglers Tavern, located in Warren Street, just a 10 minute walk from St George International. The school rented a private function room for our students, who were individually welcomed with FREE drinks and snacks during the event.

Our Quiz Master Mike started the event with a warm-up round, giving Two-Points to the most creative team name. These three teams chose their names as: Drunk Goats, Smuggler Girls, The Cheetahs, and the winning name was.... 'Drunk Goats'! There was a really great atmosphere when these 'Goats' won the best team-name.

"Team Drunk Goats" with Teacher Dan
"Team Drunk Goats" with Teacher Dan

The evening kicked off with two rounds for every quiz section, each round contained 22 questions. Most questions were given one point for every correct answer, and a few bonus questions were awarded double points! If you missed the event, here are a couple of questions to give you a taste:

What is the name of the UK’s current Prime Minister? (1 point)
What percentage of London is taken up by green space? (1 point)
For bonus points – name 6 parks in London.

What do you think? Too easy for you or do they give you a headache?

To keep students motivated we had prizes for all! Obviously SGI students are very bright, and know a lot about everything. The winners were: The Cheetahs (or The Cheaters!?) who won some cool "I love London" chocolates (to remember us by when they have some sweets with them...). 

Lastly, special thanks to SGI Teacher Mike who hosted and created the Pub Quiz, and other SGI teachers who helped at the event! Thank you to all students who joined SGI and made this a really good evening!

Here are a few pictures of the night!

SGI Pub Quiz - 24 July 2018


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