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Summer Pub Quiz on the 10th August 2017

Summer Pub Quiz on the 10th August 2017

SGI Pre – Summer Party

"Pub quizzes are very popular in England, and the students got quite competitive! "

Yesterday we had the SGI Summer Pub Quiz*, which is probably the best way to have fun and learn English, because you can chit chat in a relaxed atmosphere with your teachers and friends who are study English in London this summer.

At 3:30pm, students and teachers met up at the St George International school entrance, a large group of 40+ students together with Teacher Paul, Mike and Louis heading down to the Smugglers Tavern for a Pub Quiz. There were 6 teams of students, and they were all tested on general knowledge with around 60 questions.

The Master of Ceremony(abbreviated M.C) was SGI teacher Paul and teacher Mike, with the help from teacher Louis who kept students entertained all afternoon. To kick off the fun day, there were free drinks  to keep students going and prizes for all! Obviously SGI students are very bright, and know a lot about everything.

Again, special thanks to SGI Teacher Paul who hosted and created the Pub Quiz , Teacher Mike and Teacher Louis who helped at the event! Thank you to all students who joined SGI and made this a really good one!

Attached are a few pictures of the event, the rest of them are on SGIFlickr! You are welcome to check it out!


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