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SGI Pub Quiz 2013

SGI Pub Quiz 2013

SGI Pre – Summer Party

"We had a great night and hope all the SGI students did to."

We had a little Pre – Summer Party on last Friday night. It was good fun, we had drinks, snacks, music, and quite a few SGI teachers to entertain us. Pub quizzes are very popular in England, and the students got quite competitive! Here were the winners!

Team “Scatter’ won the Pub Quiz by 1 point.

Team “Scatter’ won the Pub Quiz by 1 point. However, everybody won a small/ big prize in the Raffle – the prizes ranged from a free 1-1 lesson to IELTS book to typical London souvenirs. 

Although studying English is the main reason students have come to England, but SGI firmly believe that it is important for our student to relax and enjoy London life as well.

Special thanks to SGI Teacher Jon who hosted and created the Pub Quiz , Teacher Hanna who served at the bar, and a Raffle with many great prizes arranged by Teacher Danielle.

Here are a few pictures of the night!