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SGI students featured on BBC Learning English

SGI students featured on BBC Learning English

SGI Students on the BBC Learning English

"Time to go! But what can you say instead of let's go? Helen from BBC is here to help with some useful phrases to help Sophia"

Students from SGI were recently featured on the BBC’s prestigious Learning English programme.

BBC Learning English has been inspiring language learning since 1943. Saint George International have been teaching English in London for over 50 years, so a partnership between the BBC and SGI was a perfect match.

Other Ways To Say ‘Let’s Go!’

Sophia Robertson from Russia was featured in an educational video discussing different ways to say ‘let’s go’ when wishing to leave somewhere.

BBC Learning English expert Helen provided a number of different alternative phrases to use, as well as what to say when you’re leaving somewhere by yourself.

The lesson was filmed and is available on the BBC site here

Once you’ve watched the video, the BBC has created a short follow-up quiz to test your language skills and see what you’ve learnt.


About Sophia:

Sophia first took the General Intensive mini-group course with SGI for 3 weeks in 2014. The following year, she returned again (like many satisfied SGI students) for a one week intensive English course.

In September 2015, she took up the SGI University Foundation course for 9 months to fully prepare for UK university entrance, study and life.

Tips To Learn Irregular Verbs

Raphael Tangavel from Reunion Island wanted to learn more about irregular verbs and how to tell the difference between them.

BBC Leaning English expert Sarah shared a top tip to help you group place irregular verb into their three different types; infinitive, past simple and past participle verbs

You can watch the lesson here

There’s also a short quiz afterwards to put what you’ve learnt into practice.


About Raphael:

Raphael first took the IELTS Intensive mini-group with SGI in 2013 for 18 weeks.

In 2015, he began studying on the SGI University Foundation course for 9 months. Currently, Raphael is one of the longest associated students with SGI.



English Language Resources

How did you get on? We hope you found the videos useful. Let us know in the comments below.

SGI has also created a number of helpful interactive pieces to help improve your English language skills.

From an online English test and the perfect language learner to the history of the English language, we’ve made learning fun. 


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