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Regents Park Summer Party 2018

Regents Park Summer Party 2018

What a great party, and a great venue with beautiful sunshine.

"Learn and practise English in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, while living and studying in London."

Last week we had the SGI Summer Party at Regent's Park, one of the largest grass area for sports and recreations in Central London, organised by the Student Support team, lead by teacher Mike, joined by Paul, Jessica, and David. This was a huge group of 30 students to attend this year SGI summer party. What a great day!

When the afternoon conversation classes finished at the school, students and teachers met up at the St George International school entrance, a large group of students together with teachers heading down to the Regent's Park,  just a 10 minute walk from school. Thanks to the warmest August, we were on the day of the party there was a sunshine everywhere. We took over the small private area in the park for exclusive use of SGI, with FREE drinks, food, snacks available during the summer party. 

As the sun slowly went down, we enjoyed the games (flying disc, football, baseball, bowling, etc...), beers and snacks, and had ourselves a lovely evening amongst the other Londoners coming out to enjoy that great summery night. All in all, students really seemed to have a great night, just a little shame that the temperature really started to drop around 9.30pm, and people did start to disappear.

We really hope you had a good time, and I would love to hear from you who attended! Just so you know, our next party will take place around Halloween, so if you're planning a visit to the school around that time (31st October), it may be an idea to bring some sort of scary fancy dress!! Looking forward to the next Big Party! 

Here are a few pictures of the party!

SGI Summer Party 2018

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