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SGI Student Summer Party 2016

SGI Student Summer Party 2016

Students at the summer party

"This was a huge group of 40 students and 10 teachers to attend this year SGI summer party. What A Great Day!"

The SGI Summer Party took place last week, but unfortunately on the day of the party there was a little bit of rain!

So, the planned location of outside in Regent's Park had to be changed for our venue Plan B, which was a traditional English pub near the school called, The Smuggler's Tavern on Warren Street.

We took over the upstairs room in the pub for exclusive use of SGI. The first group of students left the school at 1pm with teachers, Mike and Larissa and had a traditional English pub lunch of fish and chips... although some people opted for a burger. This group exercised their English brain with word games like 'Scategories' in between normal conversation.

When the afternoon conversation classes finished at the school, a group of students arrived at 3.15pm accompanied by more teachers. This was a huge group of 40 students and 10 teachers. As this added to the large number of SGI people already in the upstairs room, we also had to take over most of the pub downstairs to fit everybody in.

There was a buffet provided by SGI which consisted of cheeses, hams, pickles, crisps and more and everyone had drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic, of course) and the party got going.

During the afternoon, there was the annual SGI Pub Quiz, where students sat in groups/teams to answer general knowledge questions in the hope of winning a prize.

Normally, a pub quiz only has one winner at the end of the whole competition, but we had a prize at the end of every round to make everything a bit fairer and more inclusive.

Eventually, the outright winners were the 'Samurai Jon' team, with students and teacher Jon. Did that team get some help from Jon to win the English grammar questions round? The debate will rage on all year!

Most people left at 7pm or shortly after and the final people to leave (mainly teachers!) stayed until about 10pm :)

More great photos of the Summer Party can be found on SGI’s Flickr page.


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