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SGI get 100% recommendation from former students!!

SGI get 100% recommendation from former students!!

Great feedback from students...

""I would like to thank you for all your arrangements, everything was great!""

It’s so rewarding to know that all the hard work we put into making our English courses stimulating and effective has paid off with some great feedback from former students.

The latest monthly feedback, for students leaving the school in May, has been absolutely fantastic and most of all reflects the high quality of the teaching and academic team assembled here at SGI. Here are the key results from 70 leaving students.......

Following on from our hugely successful British government inspection by the ISI earlier in the year, this student feedback further shows that our 100% commitment to student satisfaction is paying off.  These are the key factors behind the success

• Well-trained and highly qualified teaching team
• Individual profiling and monitoring of all students 
• Comprehensive systems of tutorials and homework
• Small class sizes
• Excellent extra-curricular programme  

.......and here is a selection of comments from the students about the teaching & teachers

  • teachers are the best!
  • my level has really improved - I can feel it.
  • everything was great
  • I would recommend SGI, because it’s a very good school and the teachers are amazing
  • Like it! Love it! Good experience, amazing students and teachers.
  •  liked your school very much!
  • Brilliant 
  • Classes are well organised.

We’d like to thank all the students for their positive comments about the school. We will of course continue to aim at providing a rewarding learning experience for all students who come to study with us SGI London in the months and years to come.