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New FCE & CAE exam preparation in London

New FCE & CAE exam preparation in London


"SGI English School in London have just launched 2 new courses aimed specifically at gaining qualifications in Cambridge English examinations."

The First Certificate and Advanced exam preparation courses in London can be taken as 8 week or 12 week courses, finishing with the students taking the relevant exam at the very end of their study.

Both exams require the student to have good English skills in speaking, listening, writing and reading. Cambridge English language exams are the perfect choice for any student wanting to progress in education or their working life, because they are qualifications that are

  • High quality
  • Fair to each student
  • Standardised regardless of where you take the exam
  • Understood and valued by employers
  • Recognised all over the world



Saint George International is a certified Cambridge Exam Preparation centre and we have an excellent group of dedicated and highly-qualified English teachers that know exactly what is needed to help you pass your exam.

On both of these academic English courses there is regular testing (in the same way as with SGI Cambridge IELTS courses) so that you can become accustomed to the questions that you will have in your exam. This is an extremely valuable factor in exam preparation to reduce exam nerves and stress, so that sitting the exam becomes natural and not something to worry about.

In addition, each student has individual tutorials with their assigned tutor, so that they can get regular feedback on areas that they need to progress in or understand which aspects of their English they need to focus on to achieve exam success.


The First Certificate in English (FCE), also known simply as Cambridge First, is rated as language level B2 on the Common European Framework of Languages (CEF).

You can start this 8-week exam preparation course on the 22nd June, 2015, with exams taking place from 14th - 23rd August.

There are also options to start this course in early or late September, with exams taking place in December 2015.

Please CLICK HERE for much more information (including prices) about the SGI FCE course.

In this video you can see two girls in the speaking part of the FCE exam. They speak with a good standard of English and that is what is needed for this Cambridge English qualification.


The Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English is at the C1 level on the CEF. It is for very high-level English speakers that need to prove that they can study degree or post-graduate degree level courses at university or to show employers that you have near fluency command of English.

The SGI 8 or 12 week study programmes can be started in June 2015 with exams in August.

Or you may start your exam preparation in September, with the speaking, listening, reading and writing exam parts to be taken in December 2015.

Please CLICK HERE for prices and more details on the SGI CAE academic English course.

Below, you can see a 2015 video sample of the CAE Speaking Test, for you to understand the standard of English required to be able to take this examination.