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SGI students learning English on The BBC again

SGI students learning English on The BBC again

Aminatou and Melissa on the BBC Learning English

"Tim from BBC is here to help with some useful phrasal verbs and different futures to help Aminatou and Melissa"

Two SGI students (Melissa and Ainatou) have been on BBC Learning English this month.

SGI was happy to welcome BBC cameras into their classrooms again this month, after Sophia and Raphael were also in a BBC feature the previous month

Different futures

Melissa from Equatorial Guinea was the student in a BBC lesson which highlighted the grammar variations of English future tenses.

BBC Learning English expert Tim, uses everyday English in a real life story to demonstrate the 7 different future forms.

This mini lesson was made in the SGI classrooms and is here on

After you have viewed the lesson, you can take a short test to check that you understood everything correctly. Once you’ve watched the video, the BBC has created a short follow-up quiz to test your language skills and see what you’ve learnt.


About Melissa :

Melissa started studying at SGI in 2015 on a General Intensive mini-group course for 15 weeks. 

Then in January this year, Melissa began the 6-month University Foundation course* which gives students thorough preparation and skills to be able to apply for UK university entrance and also have a successful time in lectures and graduate exams.

* The University Foundation course has two options: 6 months long, starting in January or a longer version of 9 months beginning in September and finishing in May.

How to learn Phrasal Verbs

Again, teacher Tim from The BBC team taught Animato about phrasal verbs.

He answered difficult questions such as: When do you use an object with a phrasal verb? How do you separate phrasal verbs? What is the real meaning of common phrasal verbs?

Click the link for the phrasal verb lesson on video.

After the lesson, make sure you do the short test to check that your phrasal verb knowledge.


About Aminatou:

When Aminatou first came to SGI London she studied General English for 6 weeks.

The same as Melissa above, she also entered the SGI University Foundation course for half a year.




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