Studying in the UK

SGI at the LSE!

Students first lecture in English!

"SGI students attend lecture at the prestigious London School of Economics (LSE)"

A group of our students attended a lecture at the world-famous London School of Economics this week. Accompanied by their teacher Tim Fawcett, the students, much to their surprise, had a great time! much so, that further lecture visits by SGI students to London universities are planned over the coming months.

Students first lecture in English!
There was some trepidation when the LSE visit was first arranged. The students naturally were worried about their ability to understand the content of the lecture. On the surface, the lecture, given by David Spiegelhalter, a world-renowned statistician, entitled  ‘Thinking and Feeling About Risk’ , sounded a little dry, but in fact, the lecture itself, was not only accessible, but also highly entertaining, and the students left the lecture theatre buzzing with enthusiasm about the ideas they had heard.

Breaking through a barrier
As Tim their teacher put it...” For the students, it was a great way of breaking through that barrier of anxiety that can build up about studying in a new education system in a different language in a different country” 

Developing the skills you need at a UK university
Importantly, students got the chance to practise their note taking skills as well as see in action how a professional lecture is structured. They also had to prepare for the lecture by doing some research on the lecturer and his work, as well as complete a prediction exercise as to what the content might be.

All in all this was a valuable learning experience for the SGI students all who intend to go on and study at UK universities in the future.

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