Studying in the UK

Happy days at SGI India!

College students complete their first SGI course

"One group of students show their SGI certificates after completing their English communication course."

We were absolutely delighted when SGI India won a substantial contract, earlier in the year, to teach English at the Mahatma Gandhi Inter College in Gorakhpur, Eastern Utter Pradesh State.  The good news continues with the first successful course being complete by students at the college.   

Max Loach, the School Principal of SGI London said...

This is excellent news for SGI and a testament to all the hard work our India school management has put in to making sure the courses are well managed and run smoothly. With our experienced teachers , supported by the experienced academic team in London, I knew we would  deliver an effective and memorable course.” 

The contract to teach English to 1500 students at the college is now ongoing and is expected well in to the new year, focusing on English Communication, this special course is designed to meet the needs of the students, typically 16 -18 years old who have very little exposure to English.


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