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EU Referendum Customer Information

EU Referendum Customer Information

London is cheaper than ever!

"Now that the £ is falling, SGI courses are now 20% cheaper than they were one week ago"

As I am sure you are aware, the UK/EU situation is dominating the headlines.

Saint George International was actively very much supporting the 'Remain in the EU' campaign, as we have always welcomed thousands of European students to London.

The UK is still a full EU member. There has been no change in our status. 

In fact, there are even proposals for a second referendum, or Members of Parliament blocking the vote and perhaps the UK will never leave the EU at all, despite what happened last week.

Cheaper English courses in London

However, as the value of GBP Sterling has now dropped considerably against all other currencies, our English course prices are now even better value for future students.

For example, if your home currency is the Euro, then an SGI Course will now be 20% cheaper for you compared to the Euro price of last week. The same is true, for instance of the Russian Ruble - buying an SGI course now is much more affordable than one week ago.

So, if you thought before that London was expensive, then think again! London has never been cheaper for overseas visitors than right now!

Even though the Brexit news is extremely unfortunate, please be aware that Saint George International is open as usual and we are looking forward to a great summer and teaching English for many years to come.

We continue to welcome everyone from all nations and cultures from all over the world to the best little English School in London to learn English and experience our multi-cultural, lively and amazing city.


Please note for students that are:

-  An EU citizen: you will NOT need to apply for a visa to enter the UK and study at SGI. 

- A non-EU citizen: the Student Visa application system has NOT changed.

If you have any questions, we look forward to hearing from you.


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