Studying in the UK

Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions before you book your course at St George International.

  1. The aim of a work placement is to provide a student with experience in an English speaking professional environment in which they can practice professional English language skills. Students must note that they cannot expect to do technical or highly responsible work. The primary purpose is to provide experience of working in a UK company, using English language skills acquired. It is not a training programme or career recruitment programme.
  2. Students must be minimum 18 years old and an EU or Swiss national to participate in SGI’s work experience programme

Students agree to:

  1. Accept the placement arranged if it complies with the placement requested. If the first interview is unsuccessful, we will arrange a second interview, and, in exceptional cases a third interview. This is not in order to give students a choice of placements – students must accept the first internship offered if it complies with the placement requested
  2. Follow and agree to the rules of their internship placement and adjust to U.K manners and culture to the best of their ability
  3. Correspond any problems whilst they are in the U.K with SGI
  4. Not invite any 3rd party to their host work placement, unless the said 3rd party has been agreed by and placed via SGI
  5. Adjust to the host company’s reasonable needs should the host company require
  6. Adjust to the company’s needs should the host company feel that the student is not suitable for the original job employed for, and accept an alternative offer of employment by such host companies; this will include reasons such as low level of English
  7. In very rare cases, due to poor performance, attitude, timekeeping or behaviour, an internship may be terminated in which case we will not be able to find an alternative placement.
  8. Not to provide any false or willfully inaccurate documents to SGI at any time including in the form of a Curriculum Vitae or English language level description
  9. Not to leave a host company unless it is the end of the agreed period of internship unless otherwise agreed with SGI.
  10. To the following cancellation fees:
    * £150 (non-refundable) for any cancellation before interview details have been given to the student buy SGI.
    * Full fees for any cancellation after interview details have been given.
    * Except: if the first interview is unsuccessful and we are not able to arrange a second interview, the cancellation fee is £150.
    * If we arrange 2 or 3 interviews, and they are all unsuccessful, full fees will be due and we will not arrange further interviews.