Studying in the UK

Work Experience Sector

Professional internships can be arranged in many business sectors depending on students’ experience, English language level and academic qualifications. Here is a list of our most popular areas, but if you are interested in anything else, just ask.

Work Experience Sector

Administration is available in many sectors and can be very interesting because you can get involved in a large variety of activities. Administration internships are available in all kinds of companies, including fashion houses, training providers, chambers of commerce, or events management companies. You need to have good computer skills and most of all a very flexible attitude.

Advertising is a very competitive area and you definitely need strong English skills to apply for this sector. London is famous for its often unusual style of advertising and  a candidate with strong creative sense and the right skills and attitude can have an excellent experience which will look great on their CV. Placements are available in

  • Design
  • Account management

Architecture companies often enjoy having a multinational staff as they can benefit from the training in another country that a candidate can bring. Of course you must have great CAD skills and a portfolio of your work so far to present to the company at an interview. You can expect to be involved with any of the following

  • Model making
  • Correcting drawings
  • Presenting aspects of designs for projects the company is working on for both current or potential clients

Customer service placements may be with national or international businesses and depend on your level of English. Duties may include:

  • Acting as point of contact for all internal client requests
  • Ensuring all phones are answered according to the company script
  • Welcoming clients
  • Setting up meeting facilities
  • Providing professional support to clients including secretarial services, e.g. photocopying, printing, laminating, binding and faxing services


Design placements are available in many fields for a candidate with the right training, and include graphic design, fashion design, product design and interior design.

The most important thing is that you have great creative skills that the company can see from your portfolio, which must accompany any application.


Engineering placements may or may not be in London – depending on the sector. We have internships suitable for IT engineers, electronic engineers, telecommunication engineers, mechanical engineers and construction engineers.

Engineering placements are rarely available for fewer than 3 months,  and places are limited so you may need to be flexible with dates.


Fashion companies can offer internships in design, marketing and sales, import of clothes and even in retail in either a department store or boutique type shop.

You usually have to get involved in all aspects of the business, from the stock room to the showrooms.

Fashion design candidates will have some experience/training already and be able to present a portfolio of their designs to the company. Companies normally base candidate suitability on the strength of students’ training and/or experience of designing and/or marketing ranges. Companies expect students to be fashion / trend aware with an excellent knowledge of the fashion market.  Technical skills, such as pattern -cutting and sketching are preferred, but not always necessary. Computer-aided design skills would be beneficial but not essential.

Students can sometimes expect strange hours from time to time if the company is preparing for a show. The fashion industry is full of colourful people and you need to be able to cope with strong personalities and how they express themselves – which can be very direct


Finance placements are limited by FSA laws (Financial Services Act) and are not possible in banking and high finance sectors unfortunately.

Some placements with equity companies researching the markets are available. You would contribute to “opinion” which is sent from the company to high level managers in top companies who would use it for their strategic work.

Accountancy internships are available in a wide range of company types. Sometimes a placement may be in the department of a company in the fashion industry or an international college or it may be in an accountancy firm dealing with clients from around the world or just in London.

Candidates need to show that they have ability and previous experience. You may also be expected to do any of the following tasks

  • Basic book keeping
  • Data entry
  • Administration


Hospitality placements are available in many 3- 5 star hotels in London. Of course the highest quality hotels can chose candidates with the strongest CV and level of English. Whichever grade of hotel you have a placement in you may be able to get involved in any of the following sectors

  • Food and Beverage – kitchen staff and barpersons / waiting staff
  • Reception – for Advanced speakers only with hotel training
  • Dining – you may be a silver service waiter or learn how to do the ordering
  • Room service – where you train in looking after the guests comfort in their rooms

The hotels try to give you as wide a range of experience as possible in the time you have and many students applying are at hotel management schools already or will proceed to them after the placement.


HR /recruitment applicants will need good IT and communication skills. The type of role you can expect will certainly depend on your English skills and any previous experience you may have.

In previous HR internships in national and international companies, our students have developed their skills in knowledge of the supply and demand of HR within the London marketplace and played a very active role in all day to day activities.
Duties within HR have included:

  • General administration.
  • Contacting local businesses and dealing with their recruitment needs proactively.
  • Overseeing CVs, including assessments of candidates’ suitability for jobs advertised and checking candidate details by email or phone.
  • Updating HR database with new candidate information.
  • Matching candidates' expectations with the clients needs.


IT depending on your skills and experience we can find you a placement where you can both use your current skills and extend them. You may get involved with web design or programming, networking, installation or repair work. You may build databases or get involved with telecommunication companies.
In some companies you will be required to deal with the customers directly, so would need good communication skills for this type of placement.


Law as UK law is probably not you area of training, you need to be realistic.
Most tasks will be quite administrative but the internship will allow you to work in an environment where you will be seeing and using legal language all the time. Placements have included the following duties

  • Receiving and making telephone calls to clients
  • Making photocopies of documents, correspondence and other printed matters
  • Organizing documents and case files and archiving when cases are finished
  • Drafting office memos;
  • Preparing faxes or arranging for delivery of legal correspondence to clients and  court.
  • Visiting the courts with solicitors and visiting clients when preparing cases
  • Taking witness statements
  • Research for cases


Marketing placements are among the mostly commonly requested by students who have studied in the field. Companies both medium and small are willing to offer possibilities for you
to learn about the marketing or products and services in their sector.


Media -TV and Film company placements are available to candidates with suitable experience and qualifications. Former placements have been with film distribution companies, TV production companies, international sales positions and research for films and documentaries.


Public relations is not just about mailing a press release and hoping for the best. It is about building a lasting relationship with key opinion formers who will ultimately help the brand succeed.

For PR, a successful candidate will be confident with excellent communication skills. Students with strong English language skills may assist in the promotion of the organisation’s work through marketing communications and consumer campaigns.
Duties may include:

  • Assisting in the development of public relations for clients.
  • Providing administration support to the team, including answering the switchboard, meeting and greeting clients, and management of meeting rooms.
  • Researching and arranging travel, including booking taxis, couriers etc.
  • Sending samples of goods to potential clients and magazines