Studying in the UK

How to apply


Complete and submit your online booking form. Bookings should be received minimum 6 to 8 weeks prior to the requested start date of the internship and you should also arrange for payment of your non-refundable deposit of £150 at this time. Please note that the balance of your fees will be due minimum 2 weeks before your internship begins. On your Booking Form, you will need to give us two options of areas for your internship as well as a list of tasks that you would expect to do. You will need to upload your CV, and a passport photograph if possible, which we will circulate amongst potential companies and arrange interviews for you. Please ensure that your CV is in perfect English, with most recent activity first. We do not require information before secondary education. Decide if you would like to combine your Internship with an Evening Business English Course or other English Course.



Please arrange to telephone St George International on + 44 (0)20 72991700 shortly after your application has been confirmed for a short interview to confirm your English language level.



After receipt of the balance of your fees, we will send you details of your first internship interview.


You should arrange to arrive in England up to 2 weeks before you wish to commence your internship in order to attend your interview/s. You should accept the first offer that you receive. In the event that your first interview is unsuccessful, you will be offered a maximum of two more interviews. If all three interviews are unsuccessful, we will not be able to arrange more, and cannot refund any fees. You should wear smart clothing for your interview - jeans and training shoes should strictly not be worn.

Please read the terms and conditions of Work Experience enrolment