Studying in the UK

Becoming a homestay host

Becoming a homestay host

Our homestay hosts are very important to us. They provide safe, comfortable accommodation for our students, giving them a relaxing place to return to in the evenings. 

Students live with homestay hosts for varying amounts of time, from one week to 9 months, however, an average stay is around 4 weeks.

Students choose homestay so as to continue practising their English away from the school and also get a real taste of life in a UK home. For these reasons it is important that homestay hosts welcome students into their home as a guest, rather than a lodger.

Room requirements

Furniture and fittings required for the student's room

The room will be in a proper state of cleanliness and repair with adequate heating and natural light.

  • It will be a sufficiently spacious bedroom, equipped with a table and chair for private study and adequate hanging and drawer space for clothes. wireless broadband internet

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Accommodation Options

  • We offer students two types of homestay; 1) Bed & Breakfast: 2) Half-Board (Bed, Breakfast & Evening Meal). The half-board option can be for either 4 evening meals per week, or 7 evening meals per week.
  •  We offer students two categories of homestay based on location: Category A ( Zones 1 & 2): Category B ( Zones 3 & 4)
  • Typically students will have easy access to a shared bathroom.
  • There is a supplement paid to a homestay host if they are able to provide a private bathroom for a student, when one has been requested by a student. This can be either en-suite or sole access to a bathroom separate to the student’s room.
  • The minimum age for a student is 16. If a student is under 18, the homestay host should have had a DBS check.

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What do students expect from their homestay experience?

The most important thing is that students feel welcome and part of the home.  Quite reasonably, they will also expect: 

  • A friendly welcome, with explanations of how to use things in the house and the best way to get to school.
  • To experience what one can broadly describe as the British way of life
  • Information about local shops, restaurants, pubs and other facilities.
  • Facilities to do their washing and ironing - the host is expected to offer to do one wash per week for them.
  • Sheets and towels (laundered once a week).
  • Facilities for a bath or shower every day.
  • The opportunity to receive telephone calls (within reasonable hours). Nowadays, though, it is quite normal for course participants to have their own mobile phones and a Skype account to make calls over the internet.
  • The opportunity to watch TV either in their rooms or in the household TV room.
  • Full use of the kitchen if the self-catering option is chosen
  • With B & B and Half Board options, casual use of the kitchen, with host’s permission, to prepare a hot drink or make a sandwich (fillings bought by the student)

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If you are interested in becoming a host please contact us for further details, rates and to discuss a visit from us.

Tel: 020 7299 1700 or send an e-mail to Joanne Wagner at


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