Studying in the UK

Lynette Cooper

Lynette Cooper

Director of Studies

Higher National Diploma in Sales & Marketing Management (University of Durban, South Africa), Cambridge Diploma in TESOL


Lynette has over 20 years English language teaching industry experience, and has in that time, taught all levels and types of English, as well as gathering over 10 years experience as a Director of Studies (DoS) prior to becoming the DoS at SGI two years ago. She has been at SGI for six years and has enjoyed a variety of roles during her time here. This has included teaching all types of course, particularly Academic English classes, such as IELTS, as well as working as a teacher trainer, including course leading on the Trinity Cert TESOL teacher training courses.

Lynette first started teaching in 1993 in Turkey and taught there for 10 years before moving to the UK where she has been ever since. A fluent Turkish speaker, Lynette was involved in a lot of ESP and EAP courses when in Turkey, teaching at a number of universities, as well as co-writing a Hotel English course for a Hotel Management College   

Interesting fact:

Lynette survives on almost no sleep! She is officially an insomniac, something that doesn’t bother her!