Studying in the UK

Reviews from our students

Reviews from our students

Between year 2015~2016

"Because I have Had the best english course ever.Outstanding, devoted and fantastic teachers.It felt like it was a wonderful dream which I want to experience again. It would really be a wonderful present if I could comebck to that school again and visit London." 
Nawel Merrouche from Norway​

"I attended twice an online course at SGI. The course was great, well structured and supplied with very good and actual learning materials. Each time I noticed how my grasp of English improved. I can easily fancy that a "life" course would be as thrilling and educative as the online courses." 
Elisabetta Meneghini Austria

"SGI school has very good teachers, a great policy of inclusion of students from different countries, religions or cultures and a set of very diverse and original activities that allows you to learn about english language and culture! "
Sandra Cunha Fernandes from Portugal

"I had some english courses there in the past and it is great!!!" 
Annamaria from Belgium

"I have learned a lot the last time when I've been there and I constantly want to improve my language skills."
Eva from Germany

"Both the teachers as well as the administrative team, especially, Linda, are great, welcoming, funny and helpful." 
Olguta ULICI from FRANCE

"I did it last year and my experience was incredible."

"I love the school and its teachers, I have already been twice and it's a lot of fun." 
Annalissa Amaya from France

"My experience with SGI last year was realy positive."
Milan Kynicky from Czech Republic

"it is very well located and my experience taking a corurse there was great!" 
Miguel Lladó from SPAIN

"I had lessons before and I enjoyed a lot, SGI helped me in my daily job."
Carmine from Italy

"I went to SGI school last year and I LOVED it !!" 
Trezieres from France

"I really enjoyed my experience there and I want to come back."
Jessica from Brasil

"I studied with it before and want to continue this."
Nastradina Natalia from Ukraine

"I have already studied there and liked it a lot."

"It is the best school I have ever seen."
Marina from Russia

"This is a magnificent academy with excellent teachers, classrooms, small groups of students, warm atmosphere and super friendly and helpful staff."
Riccardo Montis from United kingdom

"I have been studying English in St George for 4 years with a great team of teacher in the best atmosphere in central London."

"I was there before and for me was great!! "
Oscar garcia from England

"I was there before and it was wondeful.
Davide from Italy

"I attended at your courses and was pleased at your staff and quality."
Ekaterine Chachibaia from Georgia.Zestaphoni

"I have studied at St George Internacional Language School for 4 weeks this year and I really enjoyed and learnt there. They are the best!!"

"For me is the best place for learn English the class is gone be very funny with listening and sepacking and of course grammar time ! My teacher is Dorando and I m very happy with him because now I can understand a litle be more London! !!" 
Rocio Rocha Peter from England

"I spent 4 weeks in this school and I would like to come back very soon! My teachers (Paul, Dan, Jo and Luis) were Incredible!" 
Bettina from Italy

"You are the best.i attended lessons last year and it was unforgatable. "
Ekaterine from London

An interesting perspective of the economic world combined with a stimulating teaching style that encourages critical thinking. It totally exceeded my expectations.
Dolcita from Congo
Sophia from Russia
Reviews from our students