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Peter from Germany

Peter from Germany

IELTS Combo 10

Last year, I spent 4 weeks at SGI - and I can only report great things about it: The teachers are very professional, friendly and attentive to the students' needs. In a rather impersonal London, having a place like the SGI is a real blessing. In the course time as well as in the breaks, you will always feel easy and comfortable surrounded by friends, motivated and spurring you to learn. There is a great deal of facts you will discover about the mentality of the British (and the "London lads" in particular) through SGI. To grasp the spirit of such a great nation was a fantastic experience, which I can only recommend.

My accomodation was impeccable: A very friendly family, living in a wonderful house with all possible technical equipment.The courses (I took the IELTs preparation courses) were the best that I have ever attended. Thanks to my private tution with Lynette, my IELTs went up from 7,0 to 8,0 and believe me, there is a world between these 2 marks. If you are searching for a very professional, specialized test preparation, the first adress is SGI. Thank you, guys!

An interesting perspective of the economic world combined with a stimulating teaching style that encourages critical thinking. It totally exceeded my expectations.
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