Studying in the UK

Cristina from Italy

Cristina from Italy

IELTS Intensive course

Hi, I am Cristina Fiore and I finished to study in your school in August after I spent there two months. I attended the IELTS Plus course and I took the exam in August there in London, and today I finally got my results which are great, especially if I consider my previous expectations, I achieved 6.5!

I just want to thank you very much, as a school and the individual teachers; Sonia, Lynette, Neil and Bren. It is only thanks to your school and your special teachers that I managed to achieve my goal. With my respect and esteem for all your great team, I hope to come to visit you soon.

An interesting perspective of the economic world combined with a stimulating teaching style that encourages critical thinking. It totally exceeded my expectations.
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