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A Step-by-Step Guide to register your studentiD

Here are the six simple steps to help you register for a StudentBeansiD. To register, you must have with you a Certificate of Registration letter* from SGI.
*Sample of Certificate of Registration

This is a ".pdf" online letter send to you from SGI. In case you lost it, please click here to request a new one from the member of staff from SGI Academic team.

Step 1: Click here and go to Registration page, select [sign up with email] option.

Step 2: Now fill in your personal details.

Step 3: Select the correct country (United Kingdom) before searching for [St George International school of English].

Step 4: IMPORTANT! Now you must click on [Manual Verification] (which you can see below the 'SEND EMAIL' button)

Step 5: Please upload the [Certificate of Registration*] letter as evidence of your student status.
* Sample of Certificate of Registration: When you book your course with SGI, you should receive a Welcome email with an attachment of this letter.


Step 6: Congratulations, your registration is now complete. The verification process may take up to 3 days, and you will receive a notification email to confirm your student account status.


What's next after the registration? 

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