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English Evening Courses in London

English Evening Courses in London

Welcome to London's Evening English School. St George International (SGI) offers a great range of English Evening Courses from its school in Central London, and is the place to go for students who want to study English in the evening after work or daytime study. 

English courses available cover General English Courses, Business English Courses and Academic English Courses, including exam preparation courses.

Key features of the evening English courses

  • Courses are a minimum of 4 weeks and start every month 
  • Typical class size:  6 to 10 participants
  • Classes run 2 evenings per week: Mondays and Wednesdays
  • Class times: 18.30 till 20.30
  • Experienced and highly capable teachers
  • Regular social events
  • Flexi Evening One-to-One Tuition also available​  

Select the best English course for you from the list below:

General English evening course London

With a maximum of 12 participants on a General English Evening Course, students are able to enjoy a very high degree of participation and involvement in their classes. This ensures all students...

Business English Evening Course focusing on speaking and writing

Our Business English Evening course has a very practical focus, with the key objectives being to improve your business communication skills and enable you to speak and write in English more...

SGI Flexi Evening One-to-One

Some students feel their English language needs are best served by One-to-One Tuition. It may be for additional exam preparation, or preparation for job interviews, or English for...

IELTS Evening Course

St George International's IELTS Evening Course runs throughout the year at the London school for those with a good Intermediate level or higher, and can be started on set dates every month,...

English Pronunciation Course in London

The key objective of our evening English Pronunciation course is to enable students to speak English more confidently. The teachers cover the most commonly...

Academic English writing course in London

Our Academic English Writing Evening Course in London is for students who intend to study or currently study at a British university or further education college and need to improve their formal...

Find out what SGI students think about their time in the school
  • Giulia Buccolini (Upper Intermediate Level): "The school is fantastic because the teachers are very good and very patient. The activities are nice and very interesting. I'm glad that I choose SGI."
  • Federico (Intermediate Level): "SGI is a lovely school and I have a good time here. Everybody is very kind."
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SGI has a number of English evening courses in London primarily aimed at people who are currently living and working in London and want to improve their accuracy and confidence in their use of English.

Most students on our English evening courses have the primary aim of boosting their language skills so that they can further their career. Therefore, our business English lessons are some of the most popular evening classes as it is in this field where students feel that their English skills are not completely ‘up to scratch’. This idiom ‘not up to scratch’ (meaning - not good enough) is a great example of new language that can be learnt. If a work colleague uses this common phrase during the daytime, an evening class student could find out from their teacher the meaning and correct context in which to use this language. Select a course and start improving your English!


Business English Evening Course

SGI holds courses that prepare students for the most popular Academic English exams as run by The University of Cambridge. All the courses are mini-groups, so that you will receive a good amount of personal attention from your experienced teacher. The most important aspect of these courses is becoming accustomed to the types of question that you will face in the exam and how to maximise your marks for each.

Another key part of every Academic English course we have is to learn and practise an appropriate formal Academic writing style which is a crucial component of all Cambridge exam writing sections.


IELTS Exam Preparation Evening Course
CAE Exam Preparation Evening Course

SGI teachers are trained in-house to create lessons that are educational, fun, stimulating and have definite learner outcomes that provide objective progress with the language. So, like all of our lessons, we have a General English Evening course worth doing! The key aims of the course are to increase students' confidence in the relevant, day-to-day use of English and to help succeed in London life and culture.


● Fun lessons to inspire conversation and opinion
● Central London Location: 5 mins walk from Oxford Circus tube station (behind TopShop)
● Mondays & Wednesdays 18:30 - 20:30
● Enroll at the beginning of every month

Book now your General English Evening course in London and improve your English skills!

SGI’s English Pronunciation Evening Course (Tuesdays 18:30 - 20:30) helps students who already live and work in London improve their self-awareness and self-knowledge of their accent to make significant changes which will result in becoming more confident in speech in everyday life in London.



● Overcome feelings of being undermined/undervalued due to your foreign accent
● Master the sounding of words relating to idiosyncratic English spelling, e.g. bought, though, drought, enough
● Correcting persistent pronunciation problems
● Focus on clear, neutral, understandable accent, e.g. being clearly understood when you say “can” or “can’t”. 
● Extended practise along with your English teacher
● Pronunciation essentials such as  features of connected speech, articulation, vowels, dipthongs, consonants, unstressed syllables and sentence intonation

See the full course details and book your English Pronunciation course in London!