Studying in the UK

University Foundation: Outline

University Foundation: Outline

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"This intensive course offers excellent exam preparation and provides invaluable experience reflecting the demands of British Universities. We also arrange visits to Universities as well as having regular advice sessions to help you choose "

Term One covers

  • General English
    grammar and vocabulary.
  • English for Academic Purposes
    reading academic texts, essay structure and cohesion, listening to lectures, presentations.
  • IELTS Exam Focus
    practice of exam technique.
  • Tutorials
    weekly help given by tutors on students’ progress
  • Social English
    work on communication skills, discussions and debates.
  • British Culture
    including trips with follow up project work.
  • IT skills, Guided Self-Study and Self-Study modules
    to enable students to do research and work on their own or in small groups.

Terms Two and Three cover:

  • Academic Skills including note-taking, essay planning, preparation and writing, quantitative analysis and seminar practice
  • Specialist English Areas These are taught in 2-week blocks covering: Business English - including Finance, Marketing, Management & Organisations: English for Economics - including Competition, Inflation & Deflation and The World Economy: English for Politics - including British Government, Democracy, Freedom & The Media: Geopolitics - including Population Trends and the impact of Globalisation: 
  • Language Focus
    work on grammar and pronunciation
  • Tutorials weekly help given by tutors on students progress
  • IELTS exam focus
    practice of exam technique
  • IT skills, Guided Self-study and Self-Study modules