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Executive English Course Programme

Executive English Course Programme

Programmes designed for busy professionals

"Improve your English rapidly in a beautiful, inspiring environment."

Each course participant will have a small dedicated team of qualified and highly experienced trainers, with a wide knowledge of business, government and current affairs. You may select the precise intensity of your training depending on exact requirements. Your programme will be supported by technology where appropriate, either with close guidance from a trainer, or outside the nine to five formal training time.

Some examples of what your programme may include:

  • A review of your language structure and typical errors
  • Improvement of your fluency and confidence
  • Focus on grammar to support your key needs, such as describing processes or speculating about the future
  • Improvement in your ability to interact with audiences
  • Techniques for improving your presentation skills
  • How to get your own way yet stay polite
  • Social language to create the right climate for business
  • Meeting and negotiation skills
  • Vocabulary extension in your professional field
  • Pronunciation and intonation practice with difficult words and phrases you cannot avoid
  • Building trust with different cultures for better results
  • Practice in adapting your message so other cultures will act on it
  • Writing emails that have the effect you want
  • Results-orientated remote communication in speech and writing