Studying in the UK

Summer English Course

A Summer English Course at SGI is a lot more than the three words put together convey. At SGI a Summer English course is an immersion enrichment experience which means language learning takes place both inside the school and, in an organised way, outside the school, using the stimulating environment of London itself.

A key feature of our summer courses for international students is the ‘out and about’ in London experiences we provide through our intensive and mostly free social programme. This programme runs throughout July and August, with organised events and activities every day of the study week (Monday to Friday) in the afternoons and evenings. Teachers accompany students on all trips and English is expected and encouraged at all times!

As most students study at the school until 3.00pm, most events and activities start after this time. As we are based in Central London this means there is still plenty of time to enjoy the city. A recent poll of our students provides us with a shortlist of some of the more popular events and activities…..

• Walking tours of famous London districts with a teacher who is also a qualified  tourist guide
• Weekly Welcome Party in a typical local pub
• Trips on the river, east to Greenwich and west to Hampton Court
• Afternoon tea (and cake) at one of London’s famous tea houses
• Evening theatre trips at fantastic prices!

A great strength of this social programme, that complements the classroom study at SGI, is that besides giving students the chance to practise their English in a social setting, it also reveals to students a more authentic and so more satisfying version of London. So as you can see a Summer English Course at SGI will always be more than what those three simple words imply.