Studying in the UK

Intensive English Course London

An SGI Intensive English course in London offers complete and comprehensive coverage of all those aspects of the language that students need to improve their ability to communicate in English.

Our Intensive courses take place from Monday to Friday, starting at 9.15 in the mornings and continue until 15.00 in the afternoon. Students study for 4.5 hours per day (22.5 hours per week).

In the morning, students would choose from one of the following three options; General English, Business English or Academic English (usually IELTS). For three hours every morning, students work on broad language development, focusing on the four key language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing), with new grammar and vocabulary regularly being introduced. The methodology employed, encourages full student participation, so there is always plenty of opportunity for students to speak and practise what they have been learning.

In the afternoon classes, which run for 1.5 hours per day, the emphasis shifts to students actively using their English in fun and engaging activities. From open discussions to group tasks and projects,  these classes are an excellent way of building student confidence and fluency.

Some students like to choose a combination of group and one-to-one tuition with a group class in the morning and one-to-one tuition in the afternoon. These Combination courses are a great way to have something tailored to your individual needs whilst still benefiting from the energy and dynamism of a group class.


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