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Intensive English Mini-Group

The Intensive English Mini-Group course has 4.5 hours of classroom study each morning and afternoon from Monday to Friday. This intensive course is a mix of the morning Standard English course combined with a mini-group (average class size 6) communication skills class in the afternoon. This course is one of our most popular options, ideal for students who want an intensive learning experience with substantial personal help from our teachers.

Finishing at 15.00, students still have plenty of time to enjoy the culture and history of London. See our Enrichment Programme for more details.

What will I get from the course?

  • The lessons give you both the opportunity to improve your all-round English language ability and develop your fluency and communication skills in the afternoon mini-group.
  • The course encourages you to get fully-involved in all your lessons. Our excellent teachers approach and plan the morning and afternoon classes with a view to making your classroom experience memorable and stimulating
  • The afternoon mini-group offers an exciting range of activities from discussions of issues and topics such as travel, film, culture and politics, through to project work based around internet and media research tasks all expanding vocabulary and developing confidence.


​​Please Note: You can start an Intensive English Mini-Group Course every Monday, including the following UK public holiday Mondays in 2020; 13 April, 25 May, 31 August.

Our Intensive English mini-group course provides the student with 22.5 hours of study per week.

The small class sizes, in both the morning and afternoon, allow a great deal of personal attention for students, ensuring their maximum progress. Besides working on all the main language skills in the morning, the afternoon classes are structured to encourage and develop students’ ability to speak and communicate in English.

The emphasis is on group work and effective communication.

Your course includes

  • Classroom materials and first course book
  • SGI self-study workbook and study skills guide
  • Free social programme activities
  • Free University entrance advice
  • Free Student Support services
  • Placement test and interview
  • Welcome Pack and Welcome meeting
  • Free Access to SGI’s Homework club
  • Certificate of Progress

Key Features

Fee Calculator

09:15 - 10:45
11:15 - 12:45
LUNCH13:30 - 15:00

Sample Afternoon Timetable


13:30 - 15:0013:30 - 15:0013:30 - 15:0013:30 - 15:0013:30 - 15:00

Introduction to course &
preview of areas to cover analysis of how a story is reported in British press editorial meeting for the school newsletter. Discussion of a previous newsletter & decisions made about what to
include and what are the deadlines.

London Life & Culture
sub-group decides to do a survey of local cafes.
Plan of action agreed on and
work starts.
Music & Art
sub-group decides to do
a review of a nearby gallery
Plan of action agreed on and
work starts.
Media & Fashion
sub-group decides to do
an article on a fashion house.
Plan of action agreed on and
work starts.

All sub-groups work on their
respective mini-projects with
teacher facilitating.

Feedback on progress made
by sub-groups to whole group.
Recommendations made by teacher to as to how best to
continue and complete.

If any sub-groups have finished
the teacher will suggest other
possible subjects for the newsletter

Whole group looks at the
grammar and style of headlines

All sub-groups work on completing their articles and giving them a headline


Proof-reading & 'paste-up'
of newsletter in the Multi-
Media Centre.

Last minute changes made to
text. Newsletter produced for
distribution to the following
week's classes

Round-up of the week's work
with the whole group.



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School key features

  • Fantastic Central London Location
  • Small class sizes - 10 General English: 6 Business English
  • Excellent range of English courses available
  • 50 years' Teaching English experience
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Fatima from France

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Social Programme

Social Programme

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