Studying in the UK

IELTS Course London

An IELTS course London is a great way for a student to focus on their English to achieve the IELTS score they need for either university or work whether here in the UK or in their home country.

SGI has been successfully running IELTS preparation courses for over ten years now and has  consistently achieved good results. Students who study with us invariably achieve or exceed the scores they needed to progress to university or to secure a job. 

The key to our success is that we have a pool of specialist IELTS teachers with substantial experience in delivering IELTS courses to students from all sorts of cultural backgrounds and from a range of nationalities. They are used to having to deal with the specific problems that speakers of specific languages may have with the IELTS test and its demands. For example the problems a Spanish speaker may have with the language is quite different to the problems an Arabic speaker would encounter.

Our knowledge of what is required to succeed at IELTS is complemented by the small group sizes,  characteristic of study at SGI, and the tutorial system in place which ensures that students get a lot of good quality feedback on their course and progress.

SGI has a range of different IELTS courses for students to choose from. The standard IELTS group course takes place in the morning for three hours every day. The Intensive IELTS course is the morning course plus an additional group class in the afternoon for one and a half hours. We also have IELTS combination courses which are a combination of the morning group class with one-to-one tuition in the afternoon. SGI also runs an IELTS evening part-time course for students who are currently residing and working in London.