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Flexi Evening One-to-One Tuition

Some students feel their English language needs are best served by One-to-One Tuition. It may be for additional exam preparation, or preparation for job interviews, or English for a Specific Purpose, such as Financial or Legal English. Whatever the reason, St George International has considerable experience in providing private tuition at reasonable prices for students from all over the world. 

Our Flexi Evening One-to-One Tuition has proven to be very popular with people working and studying in Central London during the day and who can only study in the evening.

Course Fees: £70 per lesson


Please note: Start times are after 16.30

To discuss or book this course please contact us by phone 0207 2991700 or e-mail



This popular flexible approach to one-to-one tuition gives students with daytime commitments the opportunity to focus on their individual English language needs in the evening at a pace that suits them.

Can I book just 2 lessons for one week and then perhaps 10 lessons the next week?

Yes you can, one of the great plus points of this course is that you can vary the intensity of your study to complement your daytime commitments

Can I change the start time of the lessons I have?   

Yes you can, our typical start times are 16.30, 17.00, 17.30, 18.00, 18.30, 19.00, however if you want to change your start time that is fine as long as you give us at least a day's notice of the intended change 

Is there someone directing and managing the course I take?  

Yes there is, once we have your pre-course information (test score, needs analysis, key objectives), the Director of Studies will ensure your course is fully planned and monitored 

What if I have to cancel a lesson at short notice? 

This is OK, provided you give us at least 1 working day notice. 

To discuss or book this course please contact us by phone +44(0)20 7299 1700 or e-mail


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Who is this course for?

Who is this course for?

This course has attracted working professional people from a range of different business backgrounds with a variety of English language requirements. Here are some examples of recent bookings......

* One student needed to prepare for an important presentation at work 

* One student needed to more confidently discuss facts and figures in company meetings

* One student needed to improve her ability to write business reports 

* One student, changing jobs, wanted to work on his interview technique   

* One student wanted extra preparation for their IELTS exam


Emma from Holland

Emma from Holland is already advanced in her marketing career. However, as a manager working in ...
Emma from Holland