Studying in the UK

English Tutors

There are many terms that can apply to those that teach/instruct/coach/educate others and a common term used here in the UK is that of tutor. The Oxford Dictionary defines a tutor as.... “a private teacher, typically one who teaches a single pupil or a very small group”. This can apply to tutoring at a British College, like St George International, or at a University or, also quite commonly, in a private home, typically to children.

Tutoring at SGI can clearly be said to take place with our One-to-One courses. We run a full range of private tutoring options that happen here in the college, at a company’s premises, or in the student’s home. These courses, which provide 100% personal attention for the student, are a great way to accelerate your English language learning. The courses range from highly intensive formats to a low-key highly flexible option.

Our English tutors, besides being very well-qualified and experienced, are also professionally managed and monitored by the Director of Studies. This ensures the course taken is carefully prepared and fully-planned and has clear achievable learning goals for the student. This attention to details is something that characterises all SGI English language courses.


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