Studying in the UK

English Speaking Course in London

If you are searching for an English Speaking Course in London, look no further than St George International, language teaching specialists for over fifty years.

SGI is committed to ensuring that all our English language courses focus on improving the speaking skills of all our students. It doesn’t matter if the English course chosen is General, Business or Academic , we guarantee that you will improve your ability to speak English, you are safe in the hands of one of the oldest and most prestigious language teaching institutions in the world.

To communicate effectively and efficiently in English is typically the key objective for the vast majority of students coming to SGI in London. We find that students now want to be able to use their English in real life situations with a view to working and/or studying in an English-speaking company or context.

To meet this challenge SGI realises that the student experience must be one of enrichment and not simply classroom tuition. Of course what takes place in the classroom is at the core of the student experience however there is more to it than that! That is why at SGI we offer a wonderful positive learning environment with a superb international atmosphere where students from all over the world can relax and focus on their studies. Our small classes, taught by skilled experienced teachers combine with a lively extracurricular programme to surround the student with a host of learning opportunities.

Of course London the city itself plays its part. There is so much to do here, whether through the school or independently, that students cannot fail to speak English more confidently by the time the day comes that they return home.