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  • English Pronunciation Course

English Pronunciation Course

The key objective of our evening English Pronunciation course is to enable students to speak English more confidently. The teachers cover the most commonly occurring issues and guide students through various tactics and techniques to improve their English accent.

The course typically runs on Tuesdays for two hours ( 6.30 - 8.30pm) once a week over a six week period.  

The course content concentrates on pronunciation essentials such as features of connected speech, articulation, vowels, diphthongs, consonants, unstressed syllables and sentence intonation. Additionally, another positive aspect of the course is that your teacher will be a British English native-speaker. providing you with a good model for correct English pronunciation. 

The course contains all the methods, skills and practice to ensure that every student feels that they will make significant improvement in their knowledge and awareness of this sometimes annoying language issue.


With a maximum of 8 participants on a course, students are guaranteed a very high level of personal attention and participation

To overcome the complications of English pronunciation, the course has been designed so that the maximum amount of class time possible is given over to practical activities. The small class size means all students have the opportunity to get fully involved in the classes no matter what their level of difficulty with English so ensuring they make significant progress with their accent problems.

Your evening course includes

  • Classroom materials and first course book
  • SGI self-study workbook and study skills guide
  • Free social programme activities
  • Free Academic Advice (by appointment)
  • Welcome Pack
  • Certificate of Progress

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Who is this course for?

  • For people living and working in London
  • Who want to improve their English in evening time
Emma from Holland

Emma from Holland is already advanced in her marketing career. However, as a manager working in ...
Emma from Holland