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Business English Lessons

Business English lessons are for business people or for people wishing to become business people, so you are dealing with students who will have certain expectations as to how a Business lesson should be conducted.

Here are some of the conventions typically observed for Business English lessons. 

Rather like a business meeting they will expect an agenda to be set which will summarise the work to be covered in the lesson. They will also expect the teacher/trainer to stick to the agenda!

Once again, following business convention ,course participants would expect the teacher to ‘look the part’. This would mean dressed in a business-like manner. These days this may not mean a suit and a tie (depending on the student group ) but it would mean a certain level of ‘smartness’

Clearly the content of the Business English lessons will be business language and business topics. In terms of structure, whilst there is not an industry standard procedure for a business English lesson below is an example of a popular tried and tested unit structure which would form the basis of a series of lessons covering approximately 10 hours. 

Business Topic  (for example Communication, International Marketing, Building Relationships) 

• Discussion of the topic
• Topic related text Study: Reading and Listening Skills focus
• Topic related Language focus: for example; idioms and grammar points
• Topic related function focus: for example; dealing with a difficult client, discussing poor sales figures ( role-play opportunities often appropriate here)
• Topic related Case study: further language development and discussion opportunity.

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