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English Courses for Young Learners in Central London

Students have a choice of tuition & activities only, or a full package including accommodation. All levels are welcome

English Courses for young learners

The key to a successful English course for young learners is to bring the language alive in a way that results in learning being fun, stimulating and memorable. To meet this requirement, SGI London English School has a full programme of lessons and activities in London.


Firstly, great locations. Our schools are located at Regent's Park and UCL Campus in Central London.

The learning is always active and purposeful, with a different theme being explored each week. For example, English learning is linked to the excursions and trips in and around London that take place weekly. Also, students work on weekly projects in English, where they have to produce something by the end of the week , such as a newsletter, an advert , a play or a survey. This is a great way of getting the students, who come from all over the world, to practise their English by accomplishing a fun task, guided of course by the teacher.

Young Learner English Courses

Young Learner Summer Central London

Young Learner Summer Central London

Fantastic holiday courses at this centre close to Regents Park for 10-15 year olds.
English for Children in London

English for Children in London

These fun holiday programmes are for 5-9 year olds.
Teenager Residential London

Teenager Residential London

Great residential summer courses in Outer London for 11-15 year olds.
Teenager All-year London

Teenager All-year London

English courses in Central London close to Camden and Regent’s Park.
• All schools are accredited by the British Council and meet rigorous teaching standards and comply with national health and safety requirements
• All staff have been checked to ensure that they are suitable to work with children and teenagers
• All students are always monitored closely by school staff and are never permitted to leave the school unsupervised
• All schools run excellent excursion programmes to places of interest in London and to cities outside London, such as Cambridge, Oxford, Brighton.
• With English classes taking place in the mornings, all schools run a comprehensive range of activities for students in the afternoons and evenings – from sports to art, dance and music
• All schools also have cultural visit programmes to museums, galleries and theatres
• All school are able to arrange accommodation for students
• The young learner residential school accommodates students in single rooms on a university style campus
• The young learner summer and all year schools offer good quality homestays in either single or twin rooms with breakfast and evening meal provided
• All schools have complete transportation solutions to ensure the safety and comfort of all students
• Transfers to and from the airport or railway station are arranged for all students
• For non-residential teenage students there is a door-to-door minibus service to and from from the school and their homestay