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Executive English Courses

The Executive English courses we run in London consistently exhibit certain common features. Firstly they take the form of intensive individual tuition, often for up to six hours a day. Secondly, participants are typically senior managers and successful figures from a range of work and industry backgrounds. Time for these people is precious, and so they usually pack in as much tuition as possible into what are often short stays of one or two weeks. Among our former and current students there would be: CEO’s of major European companies, Ministers from European Union member state governments, eminent professors from renowned universities and a number of stars of stage and screen.

Whatever the background of the student, another common feature of the SGI Executive English courses is the meticulous attention to detail that goes into their planning. A needs analysis, diagnostic testing and an interview with an academic manager, enable us to tailor the Executive English course to exactly fit the student’s language level and so provide clear achievable objectives for the student. 

Finally, another common feature is the deployment of a team of teachers, managed and directed by a course manager, to deliver the programme. It would in fact be standard procedure to use up to four teachers on a six hour a day course. This approach, with each teacher focusing on a different aspect of the student’s requirement, keeps the course dynamic and focused, and has proven to be a successful formula through the years.

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