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Telephoning Skills

This 6-hour intensive course on telephone skills is for non-native speakers who need to be able to use the telephone at work effectively in English.

Telephoning Skills

The focus will be on preferable vocabulary and phrases as well as on intonation and emphasis to help you sound clearer and more confident on the phone. Input will be from CD and a leading text on the topic as well as from SGI’s own resource bank. The day will feature several opportunities to practise what you have learned through short role-plays which are recorded and then reviewed.

Telephoning - Sample Timetable 1-day course

9.00-9.15Welcome, course overview
9.15-9.45Opening a phone conversation, introducing yourself, making smalltalk.
9.45-10.20Making polite requests and offers
10.20-10.45Recorded roleplay.
11.00-11.45Receiving calls – phrases used to gain time, clarify and check information.
11.45-12.30Making yourself clear – saying complex numbers, using sentence stress and intonation to make your point.
12.30-13.00Recorded roleplay.
13.45-14.15Receiving and leaving messages.
14.15-14.45Dealing with problems.
14.45-15.30Phrasal verbs – vocabulary specific to business telephone use.
15.30-16.00Recorded roleplay, summary and conclusion.