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Effective Report Writing

The 6-hour course is aimed at employees who need to write formal professional documents in English.

Effective Report Writing

The course focuses on:

  • the structure of a report.
  • grammatical and lexical techniques to increase the formality of your writing.
  • conventional phrases and expressions used in reports.
  • improving the participants’ skill in report writing through drafting, redrafting and correcting reports.

The course does presuppose a reasonable level of grammatical awareness. The materials will be presented through visual and audio media.

Effective Report Writing - Sample Timetable 1-day course

9.00-9.15Welcome, overview of course.
9.15-9.45Structure of a report.
9.45-10.30Introduction to essential grammar and language for report writing
10.30-11.00Formal writing – using the passive voice.
11.15-12.00Formal writing – using formal linking phrases, relative and subordinate clauses.
12.00-12.45Formal writing – nominalisation.
13.30-14.30Useful phrases and expressions. Report writing conventions.
14.30-15.15Practical simulation – proof reading and improving a report.
15.25-16.10Practical simulation – delegates draft a report and receive feedback from tutor as they write.  SGI has simulation material for this stage, but to make it more specific to your business needs, the client could choose to bring their own current or past reports for redrafting at this stage.