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Meetings & Negotiations

The 6 hour course enables participants to perform more effectively in English-language meetings and negotiations. We focus on the language, vocabulary and expressions that ensure participants get their point across clearly and convince their counterparts.

Meetings & Negotiations

Topics covered include:

  • Opening and stating the purpose of a meeting.
  • Agreeing, disagreeing and interrupting.
  • Using common idiomatic expressions to ask and give opinions, to half-agree.
  • The language of negotiations, including both grammatical techniques and useful expressions to make you more persuasive and convincing when negotiating.

The materials will be presented through a range of visual and audio media.

A 12-hour (2 day) course is also available, going into greater depth on each of the above issues and allowing further practice and time for the analysis of the attendees' own recorded performances.

Meetings & Negotiations - sample timetable (1-day course)

9.00-9.15Welcome, course overview.
9.15-10.15Getting started – vocabulary and expressions used to start a meeting.
10.15-10.35Phrases used for interrupting.
10.50-11.45Language used to agree and disagree politely.
11.45-12.15Idiomatic expressions for asking and giving opinion.
12.15-12.45Simulation – recorded and reviewed.
13.30-15.00Negotiations – the grammar and vocabulary of effective negotiations.
15.00-15.30Closing a meeting – phrases used to summarise, assign action and conclude the meeting.
15.30-16.00Simulation – recorded and reviewed.